This blog is to share the experiences that our Son Isaac Ronald Iverson is having on his mission in Brazil.. Isaac was very excited when he received his call to the Brazil Campinas Mission. He put his papers in as soon as he could and yet when he got “The Call” he was not reporting until the 10th of February. He turned 19 in November so this was a little bit long for him. But as time went by it was easy to see why he was not leaving until February. 

Patience is not always easy for Isaac. It is something he has to work on. Just another reason for the wait I suppose. The Lord works in mysterious ways… :)

But  during the wait from September to February he had some opportunities that he needed. He was able to find work (thanks Kevin!!) in Yakima Washington and live in the home of his Aunt Erin. She really is like a 2nd mother to Isaac. So that was a unique opportunity. He was also able to spend time with his Grandmother Kleinman, who lives with Erin. He worked for a wonderful family The Perrys’ who even though he was an employee they treated him like one of the family. It was a great opportunity and he really did learn many things.

During the wait we also lost 2 family members. Isaac’s Grandfather, Ronald Iverson and also Uncle Lee Iverson. It was a very sad time in so many ways but also a growing time.. I am so thankful that we have the plan of salvation. That we know that those who leave us are gone just for a little while and that we will have the opportunityto be with them again.

So as Isaac has this amazing adventure for the next 2 years, we hope that you will take a minute and read his letters, and share this adventure with us. We know that he will have success and failure. But it will be a time of growth. Life is about learning, and growing and testing.

Thank you for stopping by….