June 15th, 2011

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Handsome guy!

Handsome guy!

Date: June 1, 2011

Yeah I will send a picture today just to satisfy your guys’ curiosity. So the fainting girl — her name is Flavia. She should send some pictures of our temple trip with her family.

So I got some news. I was transferred… My comp was too. It really stunk. We had a couple of people to be baptized, but I guess it happens. I was released as a zone leader. President put a couple of zones together so we have less zones and zone leaders. He said he wants me to learn some things so I am a district leader in Campinas.

My comp. is Elder Shumway from Texas. He is a cool guy. I am not too excited because I never wanted to work in Campinas. I am working in ward called Vila União it is a very tiny area with a very tiny ward of 50-60 people. I don’t know why, but I am here and I am ready to work. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Sometimes you just got to do what God wants you to do. Really all the time. I am not really unhappy. I am happy as usual. and I am excited for new challenges and new growth. It will be an interesting opportunity.

So I am in Campinas. I am close to the temple!!!

Date: June 8, 2011

So I sent a photo of my roommates and me, and also Elder Schroeder and me on our last day together. I am pretty good looking huh!   :-)

So this last week that went by was amazing. It was one of the best weeks of my mission — work-wise it was. It was just the week that we worked the hardest. it was a good week.

Graduation. I cannot wait to see the pictures. It should be great! It is hard to believe it has been so long. I mean 2 years has already gone by since that day. I cannot even believe that. I mean 2 years. 2 years in high school takes forever, 2 years after high school is nothing. It is funny how your perception of time changes as life goes on.

I hope everyone can make it to the party all right. I hope that Marla’s sis is good too.

So here in Campinas I really don’t know what the weather will be like. But yeah in Americana the weather was way good these last few days. I am going to miss that place but I did take a couple of pictures and I got some email addresses and my bishop gave me a sweet tie so it should be pretty easy to remember the good times.

So this pic was of us at our district meeting.

I feel great knowing that JT´s mom is really active. I just feel horrible for never telling my friends about the gospel. Or inviting them to an activity or anything. I will have to do better about that when I get back. Just imagine how cool it would be to see Bryce or randy or Andrew on the mission. It would be amazing.

So I will write a letter to Eric today, you guys can then send it to him.

Well, my family, I am sorry for cutting it short today. Think I will just go buy some stuff and then rest. I need to organize my items and also let my comp. rest. He is feeling a little sick. I sure hope I don’t catch it.

I love you guys a lot. I hope you know that even though this next little while will be tough, I am happy. I trust that God is leading this mission and I am here to learn. I love the talk that an apostle gave in conference about repentance and correction. It has helped me a lot these last few days, you should read it too.

So I hope you guys find a place soon. I hope that graduation goes well, take a bunch of pictures and let me know how it was. Tell Preston congrats one more time for me.

I love you all and I am loving life. Have a great week and enjoy the pictures!!!”

That was my last week’s letter. I don’t know why it did not get sent last week. I sent it in three parts with 3 photos. that is too bad that nothing got there.

Love your son,

Elder Isaac Iverson

Date: June 8, 2011

So this last week was pretty interesting. Got to know a couple of crazy people and also we had a huge storm yesterday.

So we got back from our district meeting and, well, we made lunch and went back out to work. As we were talking with people we started teaching this old guy. So we went in and we taught the lesson, He did not understand anything, and when we got done we said a prayer and as we prayed it just starts pouring rain. Like a lot of rain. And then the wind comes in and the guy´s roof starts to come off.

We are just sitting there and then it starts lightning and thundering and then the power goes down. We waited till the rain stopped a bit and then we left. To our great surprise the power went down in our entire proselyting area. It was just a black dot on the map of Campinas.

We ran to the only open supermarket to buy candles and then we returned home. The wind destroyed billboards and also roofs and knocked over a couple of power poles. It was crazy. They said that in the school it looked like a tornado passed by. Our house which is actually the part of 3 houses was all right. We didn’t have electricity until 2 in the morning but still nothing was broken.

Our neighbor’s roof was destroyed and also their satellite antenna. It was crazy. I felt like I was in the movie War of the Worlds because of the panic. We got soaked but it was fun though. It stunk because we had to go home early. It didn’t work to do proselyting because there were no lights in the city. We sat at home and ate Doritos by candlelight – it was weird. We are all right though!

So what else happened… You know not much. Everyday is an adventure here with Elder Shumway the Texan. He actually looks pretty tan. He reminds a bit of JT but Mormon. He is kind of strange but it is entertaining being his companion and we are doing a good work here. We should have a lot of success this transfer.

So I saw the pics. Thanks for taking them, but Preston’s hair is horribly girly. Why does he have that hair? I mean his hair is horribly long and girly. That is just annoying the heck out of me…

But anyways, that is great that the party was good and that a bunch of people came. I bet it is pretty interesting to see your kids growing up and changing — that must be weird.

I cannot believe it has been two years since my graduation. I remember my party it was at the Wise´s home. It was pretty cool. I really love that family. I will have to send Randy a chastising letter. He can’t just waste his time doing nothing. I feel horrible when I had to sit around last night because of the thunderstorm. It is different though when you don’t have goals or anything.

So I sent 3 photos last week One of Elder Schroeder and I together on our last day, one of all of us doing funny poses, and one when we are in suits. They are all great and really my face and body has changed a lot. I look a lot older don’t I? It is really strange what the mission can do to you. I think I am pretty good looking now.

So I haven’t heard from dad in a while. How is he doing? Is the job search going good? I hope it is going well.

Well I am doing great. I am loving the mission and all that I am doing. I am a different person because of the wonderful things that I am doing here. It is amazing how much you can change if you really want to. I will send a letter to you guys and Eric today – it’s a good one.

I love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful day and week

Your son,

Elder Isaac Iverson