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Letters for May

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Date: May 4, 2011

Yeah actually I don’t know if I will be able to use Skype. But if we do I will be able to talk with you guys face to face and that would be pretty cool, but if I can’t that is alright I will just talk with you guys on the phone that will be pretty cool too.

I am excited, I got your guys’ package. Now I just got to talk with the Tiago Brazil so we can do the trade. Unfortunately, it is really hard to talk with people outside your area on the mission, but I am almost positive that it will work out one day. I am excited to get a new suit.

I got the memory card though. I can only take a couple (159) fotos with that 512 MB memory card, it is kind of tiny so maybe I will have to buy a bigger one.

I am excited to get a package from Aunt Shanna too! I love getting packages. It is like Christmas. The only problem is that living with 4 there is a lot more people that want to eat your stuff and Brazilians are notorious mooches. That is terrible.

Hey I got an email from Bryce today — it was sweet. He is happy and will be going to WSU this next semester. I haven’t thought much about college but I want a plan when I get back so I was thinking University of Washington, BYU Idaho, or BYU Provo. So if you want to start looking stuff up, go for it. I don’t want to have to worry about much stuff when I get back from the mission. I want everything to go smoothly. Yeah I am pretty sure that that is not even possible, you know for something to go easy after the mission but if we do our part who knows.

Man I cannot even believe that Eric will serve a mission. It seems like a little while ago he was in our house learning about the church. That is way cool. I will have to write him some stuff that he should know before going. That would be cool. That is pretty exciting!

So this week was great. That guy that uses crack is doing good he went to church and he is reading the Book of Mormon. We found some other families too. The work is going good It needs to be better but I’ve got to be patient, this zone was always known as the worst zone in the mission but it is improving a lot.

Our area is difficult but God sent us here to have success so we are working hard with our brains and with the members and I know that it will work out well. I have learned a lot here in Americana. You really can have success in any place if you receive revelation and work hard. The key is the members loving and working with them.

So yeah I am happy. I liked the new articles that you guys sent. And I also liked the candies. Man, I wanted more Cadberry eggs — one little package was not enough but I am very grateful for that package. I know that it wasn’t cheap for you guys and that it required a little bit of sacrifice. I just want you guys to know that I am very grateful for the packages and letters that you send. I love them a lot.

Well, I love you guys a lot and I will talk to you guys more on Sunday. We are limited to a 40 minute time period like always so we have to do it quickly. I will let you all know what will happen. I forgot your guys’ numbers though.

I love you all and I wish you all a great week!!!

Your son,

Elder Iverson

Date: May 11, 2011

Well it was also pretty sweet to talk to you guys too. It was kind of weird but it was nice. I just wish we had a little bit more time. That is alright though, in another 7 months we will talk again. Ha it is pretty funny in the mission you only get to talk with your family for a total of 160 minutes. That is pretty short for 2 years.

So not much has changed these last few days I mean some of the families that we have taught have had a bunch of progress and we are finding a lot of cool people to teach. It is going pretty good. We are also talking with the schools about doing church meetings there. Here in Brazil there isn’t a division between schools and religion so you can have religious meeting at the school. I think it will work out and we will be able to baptize a lot more people having meetings in the schoolhouse.

So about that one girl that fainted. Her name is Flavia and she has been taught for a while now. Her and her dad have been visiting the church for a couple months. Her dad is crazy but she loves the church. She was at church Sunday and after the sacrament meeting she was waiting for her dad to pick her up when she fainted. it was kind of a shock because she just fell over and hit her head.

We gave her a priesthood blessing (Elder Shroed and I) and then we ran to the hospital. She ended up staying out of it for like 5 hours and then woke up with amnesia. She couldn’t remember anyone. It wore off over time though. She was alright until yesterday when she was at school and the same thing happened again. I haven’t called them back since then so I don’t know if she is any better. This was the family that we took to the temple. It is kind of sad. I really don’t know what I need to do to help.

I can imagine that it isn’t a good situation for her head though. Stopping and starting a lot. Luckily in the church she was still breathing and had a pulse so it wasn’t a crisis situation. It is sad though. I will call in a little bit to see how the family is doing because I do like the family a lot.

So we had a district meeting the other day. My comp and I did the meeting in baptismal clothes. He used white pants and also a white tie. I used the baptismal jumper suit. It was way cool. I will get the pictures and send them to you guys.

I am good and healthy and in this area I am learning how to cook really well. We have our lunch at our home almost everyday (except Sunday) it is pretty cool. I made fried chicken a couple of times and it was delicious. The other day though, I grabbed a bad piece of chicken and it turned out horrible. But people love it when I make the chicken!

Did I really have an accent? I thought that I was speaking English pretty well. Kloey couldn’t even understand what I was saying over the phone though. I couldn’t even hear Andre. He seems like the type of person that doesn’t even talk that much. I think he forgot Spanish though. What was up with that?

So I am doing great. Tell Preston that the secret to success is Obedience, Work, Revelation and Creativity. Attitude is also important. But that is how you do it. Obedience and Work working hard until you can’t do more. When your work isn’t going good — get creative and seek revelation from God and throughout it all you’ve got to be happy and excited and joyful. This is how you do it.

Well I am so grateful for the stuff that is happening here. It is a little slower than I want it to be but we have great investigators. One of them will cut our hair today at 12:30. I am way excited.

So I love you all. See ya later. I hope everything goes good with you guys this week. Tchau!!!

Date: May 18, 2011

Well this week was great. I am loving life. My companion and I are working our tails off and it is really going pretty well here. I am happy and excited about the work that is going on here. I hope I can stay here one more transfer with Elder Shroeder. It would be cool to watch him go home and to work with him for one more transfer.

Well, right now in Brazil it is way cold. It feels like autumn. I mean I walk outside and I have to use a sweater. If I don’t, it gets really cold and with a breeze at night it is terrible.

Oh yeah we know the reason why the girl fainted. It was because of some really strong medication she was taking. I don’t why she was taking really strong medicine but I guess that is the reason that she was having so many problems. Weird huh?

May Day… I remember those times. Actually I can’t really remember that much. I don’t even remember what I did with my friends on May Day. Because I usually didn’t do much… Huh I don’t even remember much about May Day. I just remember that it was pretty cool. I was never one that took part in that type of stuff but it is pretty cool that Preston had such a big part in everything. Oroville will really miss the Iverson Family

So a jewelry site. I will have to check it out — maybe an investigator can look it up for me. I will have to do that. Is it ready now or will it only be ready a little later?

So I am taking more pictures now. I actually have a few with my comp. Elder Schroeder and the people that live with us. I’ve got to copy some more though because we took a few with his camera and not with mine. So I guess I will have to do my best to send the pictures to you guys as fast as I can. I only need to make copies on a disk or something just in case the card gets lost in the process of being sent to the U.S. I don’t want to chance losing all of my memories on the mission. I still need to take more pictures though. I have been slacking a bit. The problem is that I usually don’t carry my camera around with me

Mission fireside. I bet it was a good one wasn’t it? Our mission president is amazing I imagine that these guys are too. It is pretty cool that they came and talked to the people in the little old town of Oroville. How many people are in the ward now. Hey how is JT´s mom doing is she still going to church? I hope so. has the ward grown at all?

You know I remember this time of year in the U.S. ?  It is always the best except for the fact that I get sick when school and sports are winding down life is good. Preston has to enjoy this time because in a little while he won’t have time to do this type of stuff.

So when you guys send your next package I have a request. Can you send an English hymnbook? One big one and one small one? That is the only thing that I want for right now.

So our investigators are progressing well. We have a couple of good families that are receiving the lessons. They all have problems but it is really nice to help them improve and get better. It is tough with some of the problems that we face but you learn a lot.

We have one guy that uses crack. He tries to stop and after about a month he goes crazy and disappears for a couple days until he comes back to his senses and then goes home. He is a normal guy with a job and a good family. He is 22 so he still doesn’t have kids. It is sad to see people do this but it does strengthen your testimony about the power of repentance. It is amazing how much problems we handle as missionaries.

So today I will go and play ping pong with the zone. It will be awesome. I love you all and I wish that you have a good week and that Colton get better.

Don’t worry though it wasn’t too hard hearing your guys’ voices it was just a little weird.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Date: May 25, 2011

So this week was great.

Well on Friday we had interviews with our beloved President Tanner. Yeah that was pretty interesting. All I can say is that he loves me a lot and there will be some changes next transfer with the zones. I guess we will just see what will happen.

Wow that is pretty amazing that Preston is doing awesomely in track. That is pretty amazing that he is just running awesomely. Is he just showing up and running or is he training pretty hard? Either way it is extremely cool that he is doing so well! Tell him good luck for me!

Thanks for my friend’s pictures. They look pretty much the same. Randy just has a big man’s beard. Bryce and David look exactly like they used too. I think I have changed quite a bit though. I have taken a lot of pictures. I will be sending the card in a little bit. I don’t know when if not today or tomorrow, next week.

So here in Brazil life is going good. I mean it is great here. I am happy and I am loving life in this house. My companion and I are just working hard and doing our best. Despite our challenges in the ward we are teaching a lot of amazing people. I am extremely happy with the things that are happening here.

What is going to happen at Preston’s grad party? Is it going to be big? Is there going to be a lot of food and Pop? I am excited make sure to take a lot of pictures. I want to see how the party was and also how graduation was.

You know having a comp is a lot like marriage. It is just too bad that your comp is a man. Usually your comp is a lot more annoying than a girl though.

As for the weather here it is pretty cool. I am loving it. I got a sweet Tommy Hilfiger sweater from a new missionary the other day so I use that now. It keeps me nice and toasty. But really these winter climates are pretty nice here. It is usually pretty sunny during the day and also at night is cool. it is pretty nice. I like the winter climate of Brazil.

That is great to hear that JT´s mom is strong and active. It is too bad that she is going to be divorced. I mean I never talked to him. How many people are going to church now?

It is amazing how things area always changing. Have you guys decided where you are going to move to? I hope you guys find a cool place.

When your jewelry site is all done send me the address and I will have someone check it out for me. You should also be receiving some photos from our temple trip from the fainting girl here in a bit.

So.. I will go now. I love you all. I am sorry I just don’t have much to write today. I think this p-day I will write letters and sleep. I am feeling pretty tired.

I love you all and I hope you guys have a great week. And that Preston does well in track.

See ya tchau!!!