April, 2011

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I had a strange thought the other day… I have 14 months in the mission

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Date: April 20, 2011

Well, first of all I did write you guys last week so I will start out this letter resending last week letter:

This last week was a bit difficult but we had a great meeting on Tuesday. I am pretty pumped up. I am happy and we are finding a bunch of people to teach. Life is going good here I love this area. It is definitely the best area that I have passed by. Next week we have transfers though so that should be pretty interesting. I am pretty excited to find out what will happen. I hope I stay. I think a lot of missionaries will stay because we had a bunch of emergency transfers recently because a bunch of new Americans got here.

Yeah, unfortunately the whole thing with addiction is that it some times requires a lot more patience than you want to give. Now they are having other problems and their family doesn’t want them to be baptized. So that kind of stinks. I think it will all work out in the end though. We are finding a lot of other families too so life is good.

Well today we had a zone activity. It was cool. We played soccer and cards and also we ate Feijuada, a delicious Brazilian dish that was made up a long time ago. The Brazilian slaves received the scraps that their masters gave them so they started putting all these scraps together in a soup with beans. The tradition continues in our days. They just throw in all the parts of the pig with beans and then cook it. It is actually pretty delicious.

Well, that stinks that dad is facing a bunch of problems I hope it isn’t too bad. It has been a while since he has written me. Everything will work out all right though. Just make sure you guys are doing all the little things so that there is nothing that keeps you guys from receiving God’s blessings.

Well I am doing well. I need to go and write some letters and so I hope you guys have a great day. My day will be pretty simple, I will just have a meeting with the stake president about the missionary work at 7 and afterwards I will do a division and help a member to learn English. So it will be a pretty relaxed day.

Well my family, I don’t have much to say today. I am doing great and I am growing a lot. I hope Preston and Colton are all right. I also hope they are not affected by the school problems. I know that everything will work out. Dad will find a job in the right place and at the right time.

I love you all and I wish you all an excellent week.

Your son,
Elder Isaac Iverson

So now you have last weeks letter and this weeks letter. I hope they are able to be sent.

Well after receiving the blessing of our great great great grandfather Keinman I spent the rest of p-day translating it. I deciphered everything except 2 words that I couldn’t understand. Man, that blessing is short but amazingly powerful. It was cool to hear about the mighty people that would come out from his family. It was awesome. I just need to know those two words. Maybe I will do it when I have time today.

So we had our transfers. I remained in American 2. I am really happy. I got a new comp though. His name is Elder Schroeder. He is from Ogden, Utah. He is kind of short, has red hair, and is a pretty cool guy. He has a bit of time in the mission. He is going home in July. So yeah, now I just have old comps. But this one is pretty excited and really cool.

So this week was good. I mean, we are running into the same problems here. It is tough here. I will not lie. Did you know in my mission I have never passed by an area that has a their own chapel? I love this place but I am tired of not having a chapel to go to. We have to catch a bus every Sunday to get there and it is tough sometimes to get our investigators to the church. Well it is easy when they are elect but you know those people who are more or less interested it is tough at times. We will find a way to work it out though.

So what else… Surprisingly, since the last time that I wrote you guys it has been going good — nothing terribly interesting has happened.

What cool stories can I share with you guys… I don’t even know so much has happened these last transfers that I don’t even know where to start. I will share a story about family that we found the other day. The guy’s name is Jefferson and he uses crack. He wasn’t using for 2 weeks when he had a feeling that someone would visit him. I did a contact with him that night and we entered and taught them. It was pretty cool. They are really elect but they have Word of Wisdom problems and they have been travelling a lot these days so we haven’t kept in much contact this last week.

It is just one more little proof that God is always preparing people and you really have to talk with everyone on the mission. This Jefferson guy doesn’t look like a druggy. He is clean and has a great job. But the situation is pretty sad. Fortunately, we can help them find the strength to overcome any addiction.

So I am happy. I am loving life. You know I had a strange thought the other day. I have 14 months in the mission. That means I only have 10 more months that was a strange though and motivated me to work harder — time is running out and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I have to learn a lot and work a lot harder. A lot harder.

Well I love you all and I hope you guys have a great week!

So how is dad doing I haven’t heard from him in a while. And James, what is he going to do in Washington? Did he find a place to work? I hope everything goes good for him.

Well see ya until next week!!! Tchau!!!

Some times people call me “pimentinha”

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Date: April 6, 2011

I am doing great health wise. I am actually stronger. I don’t even remember how much I weighed before the mission but I weighed myself this morning and I am 173 pounds. I think I have gained a bit. I am not any fatter though. As for the allergies and stuff I am good. I have had some headaches like a couple months ago but recently, and almost my entire mission, I have been headache free. That is pretty nice. But yeah I am pretty healthy.

I am sunburnt and red but I am healthy. Some times people call me “pimentinha” which means “little pepper” because of my redness. It is pretty funny. I have also been called “saiadin” which would be interpreted as “Super Sayan” from the Dragonball Z show because of my spiky blond hair. Everyone also thinks I am German too, but you can understand why. I am tall with blue eyes and blond hair and I have a blocky man face. Yeah life is pretty funny in Brazil. I have other nicknames too.

Well this last week was good — not great, but good. We watched conference. I watched one session in English and the rest in Portuguese. I wanted to be in the air-conditioned chapel so I had to watch in Portuguese. I understand everything so it really doesn’t make much of a difference. I watched Elder Holland’s last talk in English and I wanted to watch President Monson´s talk in the priesthood session but it wasn’t available.

The talks have more effect in your native language. It is great hearing their voices, way better than hearing their translator.  Man, they talked a lot about marriage in their talks. so even though we had conference we still got a lot of work done so it was good. Antonio and Maria weren’t baptized, they are still smoking a bit. We will have to wait a bit longer.

We had an emergency transfer yesterday. We are getting a new missionary in our house. a new American missionary. His name is Elder Darty — or at least I think that is his name. He will arrive today so I am pretty excited to have him in the zone.

So what weird thing happened last week? I hope it wasn’t too devastating. I am sorry that you guys are going through trials and difficulties. I wish I could help in some way. Just think about the trials and how tough they would be if I wasn’t serving a mission. Now that would be terrible.

Yeah these are the times that we get to reflect a bit and we get the chance to change and get better at least that is what I have seen on my mission. During the hard times is when you get to reflect more about how you are doing things. It is a lot easier to see your faults when things are going hard and then you get the glorious opportunity to change things for the better and exercise patience.

I have learned to love trials in the mission. I always come out of the trial a lot stronger. Unfortunately, we can also let our trials destroy us. But everything will work out. Dad will find another teaching and coaching job or whatever he needs to support the family and don’t worry, I am praying for you guys too!

I have not written my Grandmothers recently — I will write them today. I hope I will send them soon too. I write letters sometimes, but then I forget to send them for like a month.

So the weather is good here right now. We will be entering winter so I am pretty excited. It will be a little chilly.

I love you guys and I hope this week is great. I know my week will be because I am happy and I am loving life. Well see you guys later. Tchau!!!