This last week we had a miracle happen

Written by karraiverson on March 30th, 2011

Date: March 9, 2011

Well that is great that dad’s surgery went well. Why did he have to have surgery?

This time of the year is always horrible. I also caught a little bug. But I am all right.

Well the transfer ended. I stayed in Americana. My comp. was transferred he asked the president if he could stay one more transfer but president didn’t let him. I am pretty excited because we have a bunch of families to baptize this transfer. We have a couple of really special families that we were able to find.

This last week we had a miracle happen. A kid named Jonny was baptized. He is the brother of a recent convert and he had already been invited and everything. He was actually going to be baptized a while ago but he started to use drugs so he freaked out and didn’t want anymore. He was invited to an anti-drug course by our bishop and went to church the next day. He started to read the Book of Mormon and had an answer to his prayers and was baptized. It was an amazing experience to see that change happen. A real miracle. Because all the times that I had talked to him before I thought he was a lost cause.

I could see the power of the Book of Mormon in action. I had already seen this in my mission but it was good to see it one more time. One more experience to strengthen my own testimony. It shows that God can do anything He wants. I am pretty sure that in 3 years Jonny will serve a mission. That is an amazing thought.

My new comp is called Elder Feitosa. He is from the Bahia, which is the northeast part of Brazil. It is a really pretty place. A lot different than São Paulo. A lot different. São Paulo is like the ugliest place in Brazil. The real Brazilian experience is up there in the north. That is where they got beaches and monkeys and the Amazon. São Paulo is just a place like the U.S. we don’t even eat weird food here. He is a pretty cool missionary. We are both sick right now. He is pretty tall and he is a pretty cool Elder. I think I will like serving with him.

Well on Saturday we had an activity with our ward. It was just a potluck but I ate cow tail. It was actually pretty delicious.

Well we had a couple changes in the zone and I think a lot of stuff will happen this transfer. I am pretty excited.

So I bought new shoes. They should last a long time. They are a shoe made for working. They are strong and a little bit ugly but I mean they work. They really weren’t that expensive either just 49 R$ (it is like 30 dollars in American) Everything is really cheaper here. It just seems more expensive because we receive very little money.

So now I will just go buy some food and read and sleep. I’ve got to get feeling better so I can work well tonight.

Well, my Family I love you all and I hope you guys write me again soon.

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