Right now we are entering autumn and the weather is quite pleasant

Written by karraiverson on March 30th, 2011

Date: March 23, 2011

Well this week was great! We are just having a party here in Americana 2. We are finding families and baptizing people. We are really being blessed by the Lord. This is the first area in my mission that I have really loved. It is great here with all the cool members and amazing families that we are teaching. When I got here I wanted to be transferred to another area as quickly as possible, but now I just want to stay and work here. I love it.

I really liked Rosolem but I didn’t have that connection with the members. The other areas I passed by I just remember how difficult was to work. I really liked and am grateful for the other areas but I love this one.

We are quite a long way from Campinas.  Well I will be going there tomorrow to renew my vista so maybe I can see how much they cost and take out money so I can buy one when I get the chance. It is weird I will have to renew my vista. Really weird.

Well this last week was a bit tough too. My comp. decided he needed to stay in the house for two days because of a swollen eye. I did a division one day so I worked but the other day I was in the house from 5 until the end of the day. It was terrible. I have never stayed in the house in my mission up until now. I don’t know why he had to stay home but his excuse was a pretty weak one. Saturday was his birthday and we ate pizza. One sweet pizza and one bacon pizza. It was pretty sweet.

We baptized two friends of a member this week. It was pretty amazing. I have never seen two young men so prepared. It was amazing. Their mom will be baptized this week or the next. She has a few more problems to work out. Their names are Wesley, Wellington, and Elizangela. They were referrals from a member.

Antonio and Maria, that couple that I told you about, are doing well and will be baptized conference weekend if they have stopped smoking by then.

We had another miracle happen. It has been six months that this family has been going to church and their daughter finally decided to pray about the Book of Mormon. She got an answer in a dream and will also be baptized. We still have not decided a date. Their names are Aparecido, Lourdes, his wife, Flavia, his daughter, and there is one more kid that doesn’t want to go to church called Fernanda. They are a pretty special family.

I think this p-day I will just relax. I will read some scriptures and sleep. I will also write some letters to some other missionaries in Cuiabá.

You know what — there is a new American that arrived in the mission. His name is Elder Powell and he is from Dayton, Washington. He will be in my zone. He will probably know a little about Oroville.

Yeah I am a lot better now. I got two shots. One was a medicine for the flu and the other was a vitamin C shot. I am doing a lot better now though. It is good that dad is doing better too. I also drank a lot of orange juice. It was kind of expensive but it worked out in the end.

Yeah the zoo was cool. I don’t think they had any animals that were really weird. I took pictures of all of them so you can have a look when you get them. I literally took a picture of all the animals.  It was pretty cool. I didn’t eat tuna though. I just ate some mini pizzas afterwards at an Arabian restaurant called Habib´s. It really was not that good but it was good to try it out.

You know it is a little weird that there it is spring. Right now we are entering autumn and the weather is quite pleasant. The sun has cooled down bit and it rains a bit more. Here in a bit it will be winter.

Soccer, baseball, and tennis. Those were good times. Here they just have soccer.

We are all a bit creative. I have lost a bit here in the mission and I will have to cultivate some of those skills again after the mission. I hope he makes it out all right.

It is amazing that Kloey is playing the piano. I sure wish I would have learned. She will have to teach me when I get back.

Well I am happy and life is going good there. I sure hope you guys have a great week. I think my week will be great!!!

I love you all and I am learning a lot. I am growing everyday and wow — I cannot even describe my feelings about the Church and gospel now. It will be sufficient to say that I know that the Church is true and the Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet of God. I know these things because God testified them to me.

Have a great week and send everyone my love especially Kloey! Tchau!!!

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