I bought a working shoe. It is ugly and tough — like a man should be!

Written by karraiverson on March 30th, 2011

Date: March 16, 2011

I know how that is - I was sick all last week with a fever and many other symptoms. I didn’t stop working though. I finally got two shots on Friday. After that I was feeling pretty good.

Well today we went to the Zoo that was sweet. I took a bunch of pictures. You guys should like them. Everybody in the zone went with us it was an awesome activity! The zone got some new missionaries that is the only thing that changed.

Well about São Paulo. It is a tropical climate. It varies a lot. It is not like the Amazon and it is way different than a desert. Lets just call it tropical. Americana has a population of 200,000 people. It is not that big but it is a nicely developed city. They also filmed a novela here. and the city has two soccer clubs. It is a pretty cool place.

There are 3 wards in the city. Our ward is awesome. Our bishop keeps us busy. But just him. Unfortunately the other members don’t help much. There are a couple of amazing families that I love here. I will never forget them. I have learned a lot in the mission about the work that the members have to do. We always have to share the gospel.

We also have to feed the missionaries. Unfortunately we only eat in like 5 different houses during the month. The food is great and the members who give it are the good ones. It is pretty sweet. The rest of the time we eat in our house or in a restaurant. but don’t worry I am never hungry because every Sunday the Relief Society brings us goodies.

Well my shoes are not that comfortable or pretty but they will last a long time. I bought a working shoe. It is ugly and tough — like a man should be! When I polish it up it can almost pass as a dress shoe.

Oh about the suit, I will try to buy one soon. Maybe next week I will go and buy one in Campinas. they have some pretty good suit stores.

Tell everyone thanks for the letters. Especially Kloey. I hope she can teach me math when I get back because I have forgotten just about everything. I hope it comes back quickly.

I am happy that the all-star game was sweet. I hope Preston gets some sweet chances to play after the mission that would be amazing.

Well this last week was good. I got sick but we saw some more miracles in our area so it was pretty good.

Well, my mother, I love you and I hope you guys have a great week. I am ready to have a sweet one.

I love you all and I am really having a great time. I have really loved the mission for the study habits that I have now. Everything about the gospel has become more real it is amazing.

I love you all and I wish you all a good week see ya!!!

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