Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke to our mission on Thursday

Written by karraiverson on March 30th, 2011

Date: March 2, 2011

Well this last week was pretty difficult for us. I mean it was a great week in some ways but a difficult week in others. I shook Elder Russell M. Nelson’s hand and he talked to our mission on Thursday — that was pretty amazing. It was just a simple talk about the gathering of Israel but I liked it a lot. It was weird seeing a general authority in person he really is an amazing man. I liked being able to see what type of man an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ is like. I learned a lot that day. A lot.

The hard part of the week was that our investigators decided to travel and couldn’t be baptized this weekend. I don’t know when they will get back either. This was the difficult part. Other investigators got sick and we just didn’t have much time to find new ones this week. So it was a bit difficult. But I feel pretty good now.

Oh yeah I really don’t need a new suit now. I wanted the new one for our mission conference with Elder Nelson. I ended up just washing my other suit and it is in good condition still so I will just buy some new shoes today. I am pretty excited — new shoes!!! I will buy a new suit later in the mission. It isn’t a necessity right now.

Thanks for sending the Perry’s the letter and also for getting the camera. That member will be pretty happy. I will have to talk to him soon. I am not in that area anymore but it will all work out.

Yesterday I found a giant piece of rose quartz. I know how you love it so I took a minute and broke it up in a few pieces so that I can give it to you when I get back home. I got a pretty good size chunk. It is really pretty.

I read a really cool talk about the spirit world today. It was extremely sweet. It was by Heber Q. Hales. Maybe you should look it up it is really, really cool.

Man it has been raining for 3 days straight now. I feel like I am in Seattle. It is cold. Really cold. but I kind of like it.

What else has been going on… Not much, I mean the members here are awesome and our bishop has a sweet mustache. I am doing great and growing a lot. It is crazy. I cannot wait to see the reaction when I get back.

We are going to have a zone barbeque right now. So I will go. I am praying for you guys and I love you a lot. I will add that to my fast too. Just remember when we do our part everything works out right. I know it will be all right in the end.

I love you all. t has been a while since I have heard from Preston and the family. Can you remind them to write? Thanks family I love you all!!!

When Elder Nelson shook my hand he said he was proud of me — that was pretty cool.

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