I have been out for a year now…

Written by karraiverson on February 14th, 2011

February 9, 2011

Well yeah, here in Brazil it is a real mission.  :)  We travel by bus and foot. They used to have cars but the missionaries here abused them badly, if you can catch my drift. Well, I do travel a little bit more since the zones are a little different than the zones in the U.S. they are a lot smaller. All the missionaries in Americana are part of my zone. There are only ten missionaries in total. So I really don’t have too much to worry about. I just get to baptize a lot and leave a good example for the other missionaries. I just get to be excited motivated and loving. I am pretty excited. My companion is Elder Barroso. He is from the northeast part of Brazil - from Fortaleza. I already had him as a Zone Leader in Rio Claro.

I actually travel a bit more being a Zone Leader. I have to visit the areas and stuff and I have to do interviews too. Today I am with the assistant to the President, in his area. It is pretty cool, I like hanging out with them. My schedule does not change being a zone leader, I just have more meetings and more responsibilities. I like being a ZL.

I really don’t think that the Elders waiting to go to Brazil are going to get in. Did you know that President Hinckley said that there would be a time when Brazil would have to take care of itself missionary-wise? Yeah, I don’t know if they have a bunch of help. You know, I knew Casey Call would be called to Brazil for some reason, but do you know what mission he was called to? I would like to know that because it would be pretty sweet if he was going to this mission or Cuiaba.

As for the weather here, it is just hot. I fasted the other day and I thought I was going to die. Just kidding!  It was really hot though. The rain has passed for a bit I think, but I think it will just be hot until winter here and then it will cool down a bit. It is weird but I like the heat a lot of the times it just feels like summer.

Man, I have been out for a year now — or really tomorrow I will be. It has flown by so fast. I can’t even image that one year ago I was entering the MTC in Provo. Wow it does not feel like that. That is so weird. I am going to be done in a year. Actually a little less than a year because of transfers. I don’t like that thought. I have to help a bunch of people still. That is so crazy!!! I will just not think much about that. I have to worry about college stuff in a bit. Oh that stinks. I think it is best not to think about time. So I will just serve this last year well. I have a lot to learn still.

As for the camera stuff, I think that is a great idea. I really need to take more pictures — you will hate me for how little pictures I have taken in the field. I will try to take a lot more. My camera is an SDHC memory card. The normal size one. When you send me a new one, I will send you guys this one to download.

Will you guys also buy that camera and send it as quickly as possible. Not an expensive one just a good basic digital camera. I trust in your judgment. A regular color too black, silver, blue… that would be sweet. I would also like to buy a new suit. The suits here cost 150 reais which would be like 100 dollars. I think that that is the cheapest that they have, and they are good suits too. I will need new shoes in a bit too. My left shoe is falling apart a bit.

Yeah, Americana is the hardest area in the mission. In Portuguese it is called a Buraco, which in English is called a pit or hole. The members don’t really get involved in missionary work here. That makes it pretty tough. I am excited though, I think we will baptize this week. I am pretty excited. I don’t let these things get me down, I don’t judge before knowing the full situation. It is an area like any other that has elect people waiting to be baptized. I really miss Rosolem but a good missionary and a friend is there right now so I feel pretty good leaving it in his hands.

I am pretty happy that you guys beat Brewster, I always wanted that to happen. It is cool that Colton is doing Knowledge Bowl too. I love hearing about these things sometimes.

I have to go, I am going to get a haircut. I am in a division… my hair is big and I don’t have any hair gel. It is terrible. I finally got money so I can finally get a haircut. I really need one — my hair is so poofy.

I love you guys a lot. I will try to send pictures next week when I am in my area. I can’t do it right now because I am in Hortolandia with the Assistant to the President. I love you guys I will talk to you later!


I want letters from more people. It has been a while. Sister Perry wrote me too. I will write her a letter next week.

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