Written by karraiverson on February 2nd, 2011

January 26, 2011

Well that is pretty sweet. I likes the photos. Just like always, I can’t send any because I am in the temple in Campinas using the computers in the Family History Center. I don’t have my camera and I cannot go back to my area to get it. I will take some sweet photos today but I will have to send the next week.

Man it was the first time that I did a temple session in like a long time. It was great I love the temple. I can only go to the temple once a month but if I am transferred next week it may be a while before I get to visit it again. The temple here is amazing – really, really amazing. It is big and beautiful and you feel the Spirit of the Lord radiating out of it. I LOVE TEMPLES.

Well this week and the transfer was great. We are working with some good families. We have a cool family of five that is awesome and also some Japanese people. I hope I can get them baptized before being transferred. I don’t know what is going to happen this transfer. I have improved a lot during the transfer. I mean, if we had a chapel in our area this place would explode. We have a chapel it is just being reformed.

I’ve got to make this kind of quick today. I have just been having a pretty fun experience here in Hortolandia. I love my leaders. I love the mission too. I have a certainty that because of these two years I will be able to start my life out right and so much stronger. It is like a two-year spiritual training program. I can’t say it is good physical training, but after these two years I will be set for this life. I love seeing the changes in the lives of the people that we teach.

I have to go for today. I am sorry it was a quick one. Tell Preston congrats on the Eagle Scout and tell anyone that I love them. I send my love to everyone in the family. Tchau!!!

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