Next week is Christmas. My first one in Brazil

Written by karraiverson on December 30th, 2010

December 15, 2010

Empathy? Compassion? What in the world is that???

I am just kidding… I am not so great with empathy, but I am feeling a lot more compassion for people and that is pretty cool. I like being moved by compassion to help someone.

Well my companion is still homesick. I don’t even know what to do to help him. I will just try to be patient and to help him too. I mean, I don’t really get homesick and stuff. I think Brazilians have a tougher time because the people here are a lot more loving. The kids don’t usually leave the house so early. Brazilians are a warmer people — a lot different than North Americans who are cold and rigid. I am learning quite a bit with them and that is pretty cool.

Well, my family, the work is going great here. We are teaching so many families. It is awesome. I am really blessed to be here in Cordeiro. I mean the members are helping a lot and all is good.

We taught a family about the word of wisdom yesterday. They had coffee and cigarettes in their house. It was cool we invited them to live this commandment of God. They took the coffee and dumped all the powder and stuff down the sink. They gave us their cigarettes too. It was cool. We are going to help them get married tomorrow too. It will be a pretty sweet thing to see happen. A really cool family. The wife is an inactive member and the husband is an investigator. The timing was just right I guess.

We are teaching some amazing families here. The only hard part was that we have to have a lot of patience because everyone has to marry legally. It is kind of annoying but it is a huge problem here in Brazil.

Well, next week is Christmas. My first one in Brazil. I am a little excited. Our president moved p-day to Christmas so that will be interesting. Next week we have Christmas and a mission conference and a lot of other stuff. It will be pretty interesting how things will all turn out.

I am pretty excited to be able to talk with you guys for a bit. I will send an email to you guys next week about the calls and stuff so don’t worry.  I might end up being transferred next week.  Christmas week will be crazy. I am not homesick and right now the weather is pretty good. It is not all that hot. I am really enjoying this holiday season. I still haven’t gotten my Christmas package. I hope it gets here before next Wednesday.

I am great, my comp is great. It is too bad that you guys are having so much luck with all the car accidents and stuff. I hope you guys didn’t pick up some bad karma doing something bad. Just keep your spirits up and drive a little more cautiously on the roads and everything will work out fine in the end. Preston´s Eagle is going good.  Kloey got a pillow pet. Wow… life is just great there in Oroville.

I hope that you guys have a great Christmas and that Kloey has a great baptism. I mean I am sure that it will be awesome. I will send her and my other brothers special Christmas cards. It will be cool.

Well, my family I love you all and I hope that you have great week before Christmas. Are you guys still in school? If you are good luck.

Don’t worry, the people are great here and I am drinking a lot of water. I am actually great health wise and I am getting stronger too… and more handsome also!   :-)

I am sending a picture of me making a call to my district, and also me in the forest doing a manly pose, and also my victory over a rat.

I love you all and I hope that you have a great pre-Christmas week! I know that mine will be full of Christ-related miracles. I love you all. Don’t forget to read and pray a lot. Merry Christmas and Tchau!!

Elder Iverson

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