I like the heat but it really doesn’t feel like Christmas

Written by karraiverson on December 14th, 2010

December 8, 2010

Our week was great!!!

What is up with you guys and car problems this Christmas? I mean, really one accident thing is acceptable, but three or four is just a little crazy. I mean really what is up with that! Quitting driving isn’t that hard I mean I quit driving. I just walk everywhere. I will walk everywhere for two years. It isn’t that tough.

That is great that you guys are enjoying the weather up there in Oroville. Little ol’ Oroville. It is funny when I describe to people that I lived in a town with only 2000 people. They start to laugh — it is great.

Here in Cordeiropolis it is pretty hot. I guess this is one of the milder winters here. I mean up until now we have only had a temp. of 95 and usually it can get a lot hotter. I guess we will just have to see when summer hits hard here in a bit.

I like the heat but it really doesn’t feel like Christmas. I mean really, it is 95 degrees outside. How can Santa work in this type of weather? I mean really, it is impossible but, oh well. I will try to hang out with some members and investigators this Christmas and it will all be good.

Preston is getting his Eagle project done, that is pretty sweet. He will end up getting the sweet Eagle ring too. That will be awesome. It is funny how they compete. I don’t know why they do. I mean there isn’t any competition. But oh well, at least he is motivated to do a good thing. hahaha…

Well, it is two weeks until Christmas. Can you believe that? 2 weeks. Two weeks and I will pass my first Christmas here in Brazil. That is a weird thought. Don’t worry I will wait to open the Christmas presents on Christmas.

But what is going on down here?… Lots of stuff… people are accepting us really well. We found another great couple and some other good ones. The work is going really well. We are working a lot with less active members that have a desire to go back to the church and whose kids or wife or husband aren’t all members. It is really going great here. I have a pretty awesome set-up going on. We are teaching a lot and we are also finding a lot of people to baptize. Unfortunately, we have to be a little patient because many of them aren’t married. But that is OK, I have patience, hope, and faith.

Well my comp is still going… he thinks a lot about his house and also his girlfriend. I never had that problem so I don’t know exactly how to help him. I mean, I only had problems with the language in the beginning and I got over that quickly and miraculously. I am just being patient with him and loving him trying to be his friend. He is a body builder. He is really funny I won’t tell you why but he reminds me of an ape. I call him Kong.

Kloey will be baptized!!! I hope that all goes well. It will be pretty sweet. I won’t lie, I want to be there to baptize her, but oh well… You will just have to take lots of pictures. Good luck with that. I wrote a letter to Kloey, but I will write a special email to her too.

Well, my house is really the back part of a member’s house. They are pretty cool members. They give us food sometimes. It is really simple and really small. I mean it isn’t anything special. When I arrived there it was a year more or less that no one lived there. It was really dirty, but now it sparkles with cleanliness.

Our days here in Cordeiro are like any other area. They are way better than in Rio Claro. But Rio Claro is already over so I don’t even need to talk about that any more.

Andy sent me an email with a picture. He is really fat or at least he looks fat in the photo.

I was thinking and I have a strange craving for hot Cheetos. They have Cheetos here in Brazil but now hot Cheetos. I never thought about that before.

Well my beloved family, I love you guys. Maybe I have forgotten everything about home but I still love you guys. Well don’t forget there is no way to receive God’s blessing without putting His teachings in practice. Remember to read, but after reading, put the word to the test.

I love you all and I hope you all have a great Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your Son,

Elder Isaac Iverson

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