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I have never wanted a little cold so much in my life

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

December 1, 2010

Well, you will have to tell Kloey a happy birthday for me since I am physically incapable.

That is cool — on the 30th we baptized a girl too. Here in Cordeiro there is a family that has raised a kid from infancy in the church and the mother asked us to baptize the little girl. She turned eight recently and we ended up baptizing her yesterday. It is nice to see a little girl enter the right way. It was a really cool night. The Branch here was all excited and everyone likes us here.

I really like Cordeiro. It is a cool place and I am having amazing experiences here. I mean the things that I am learning are great the families that we are teaching are too.

It really was a good week. We just worked and worked and everything will work out this week. We had a baptism yesterday and I think that next week we will have a baptism too. We are preparing a family that I hope we can baptize next week.

I like Cordeiro. It is a really tranquil city. It has 20,000 people but it really doesn’t feel like that. I mean, I feel like I am in Oroville sometimes, it is a little strange. I like the people here — it is a cool tight knit branch. It is just cool.

That is interesting that you almost got in a wreck two times in the last week. You need to be more careful. I hate icy roads. Here in Brazil there isn’t any ice. Nope we don’t have ice here. It never snows and it just gets really hot. Sunday it was 95 degrees out without a breeze and with a hot Brazilian sun shining down without mercy.

I think it was the hardest moment in my mission. I had just eaten lunch and we were walking to an appointment 30 minutes away. I never felt so tempted to just sit down in my life. It was terrible! But I overcame. I made it to that neighborhood and I taught that family. It all worked out in the end. I have never wanted a little cold so much in my life. I am going to be burned to a crisp before these two years are up.

Kloey is 8! That is a pretty strange thought. I mean 8 and then 10 and then 12 and then 16 and then 18 and then 20… it is weird how fast time flies. I really I can’t even imagine how fast it goes by. I will have reached the first half of my mission in a little bit. It is hard to believe.

Did Kloey have a party this week? If She did I would like a few pictures. I have forgotten what you guys look like. It is kind of weird. I mean I have forgotten what you guys sound like. It is really really strange. I have forgotten what is like to use regular clothes and not be a missionary. It is strange. Really weird. But I

Well, mother, I didn’t eat cake I bought some chocolates and ate a pepperoni pizza which is kind of expensive here. It was good. Really good.

As for the picture without the thumbs up, I don’t even know if I will be able to do it. I am just a thumb-up sort of guy now. When someone pulls out a camera I just put on a cheesy smile and my thumb goes up like a strange animal like instinct. But I will try so that you can have a sweet photo of your ever-so-good-looking son. I got a new haircut on my birthday too. And it is actually a good one. I am pretty snazzy now.

Well, my family, I am pretty good. I am happy and I am loving my mission. I am learning a lot and I am improving everyday.

I am a certain that what I am doing is right and the when we read and pray God blesses us with light and truth that slowly changes our very souls imprinting Christ upon our hearts.

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. Don’t slip on the ice and always remember to read and do family home evenings. Write me too. Tell Erin and Taurie that I want a letter. I haven’t gotten written letter from them still.

I love you all! Goodbye for now!!!