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I feel that God is preparing someone really special to hear the Gospel…

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
September 8, 2010
Dear Family,
Well this week was tough. I Will not lie it was the toughest week up until now. We just didn´t find anyone that was ready to accept the gospel. I will not lie. I thought Brasil would be a lot different. The pride of some of these evangelical sects is extremely annoying. I mean this week nothing terrible happened but no one accepted the gospel. I think it is one of those trial of faith things. When God wants you to learn a lesson so that you become more humble, more prayerful, and trust in his arm more. I mean we are working extremely hard we taught 40 lessons which for us here is a lot. but I did learn a lot this week. A LOT about patience. I think the best part about last week is the fact that I know that God is preparing someone really special to hear the gospel. I know this because I can feel it. I think dad knows that feeling. That someone is out there, close to you ready to accept you and all you have to do is work a little bit harder and trust completely in the lord.
 I am feeling good. I mean i am happy and I am loving this time to learn. I mean I have to do everything right now, and I really like it. it is tough but I am learning so much right now that I can´t be unexcited or unhappy. And my portuguese is getting a lot better too.
Unfortunately those baptisms fell through too. I did everything that I could. Unfortunately you have to respect that whole freedom of choice thing. You can´t just force people in the water. But all is well they will be baptized a little bit more in the future.
Thats too bad about the football game. Hope that you guys do great this Friday. The team is pretty good this year right? I actually liked the Tonasket Cross Country meet, good luck Cole. The hills were horrible but it ended pretty quickly. I think it is one of the shortest races.
Well as for the apartment and stuff it is great I like it. it is perfect for missionaries. It is small and and has all the things that we need. I am eating well and I am healthy. the only problem is my shoes. They don´t have anymore sole. I want to replace the sole but i think it is a bit cheaper to buy new shoes. I don´t really know I will check it out today. it will be between 45 and 60 reais. I think things like shoes are a lot cheaper here.
well what else is going on here… Not much I am just working hard and almost entering the water every week. I know that this week will be good. I love you all and i hope that you have an awesome week.
Always remember to read and pray it makes a big difference. Family home evening too. Well I love you all and I hope that this week is great. 
Tchau! tchau!

I am doing great and I am loving life!!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
September 1, 2010
Well this week was good. Those people weren´t baptized… There mom wouldn´t let them. Well really it was more than that. A big long sticky situation. But there is hope. This week we got 2 people ready to enter the water. It is awesome i am extremely excited.
Well that is great that everything is going great for you guys there in Washington I hope that it just keeps geting better. I am doing awesome here in Brasil!
well my clothes are still fitting too. I am a little bigger but all my clothes are fitting. it is great i need some new shoes. I want to send some pictures but these computers i am using doesn´t work. about the shoes I can have the soles replaced for 60 reais (45 dollars) or I can buy new shoes and I don´t know the cost.
I am happy that eveything is going great that Bret´s baby is beautiful and healthy. It is really wonderful.
hmm… What else… i don´t even know. It is weird to think that another one of my peers was married. Robert and Chris. Who else… It is really weird man. I don´t even know what to think.
Well really i got to go now. I gotta run. I will go and play basketball today. Maybe a little Soccer. it should be fun.
All in all i am liking this new area. The members are awesome. the only problem is that they don´t like to baptize people fast. They like it to be really slow. They are missing the vision. They are really cool though. And the ward thing is like the same in the U.S. and here in Brasil too. there really isn´t any difference.
well my family i love you guys and i will have to go. I am doing great and i am loving life. I will try to send some pictures as soon as possible.
 Tchau Tchau!!!

We are starting to do a great work here…

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
August 25, 2010
Well Hello my family and friends,
Really I am enjoying my time here in Rio Claro. It is a great place it has a lot of people but it is also very calm and tranquil. I like it here, the members are sweet and I am adapting fine. The whole senior thing is interesting I have to be self motivated and I have to do about everything. That is interesting I am liking it really. We are having success. We will have 2 baptisms this week if we can get permission from the mom of our investigators. There dad is a member but they live with their mom and they have been going to church for some time now. They just need a little push in the water. it will be interesting to see how things work out. I will pray a lot and all will work out.
well my comp… it is a bit difficult. He is very new and I have to do everything but it will work out. You know waht he is a lot like Colton. It is like I am serving a mission with him. Quiet and all. I am learning a lot about patience. A lot. You asked if  we speak English, we don´t ever speak English. I have not spoken English in a conversation since the CTM. It is pretty weird. I have spoken a little english at different times but not a lot. I like it better that way. I guess I am qualified as fluent more or less. I mean I have difficulties at times and i do have an accent but I am getting there. I have been given a great gift of tongues.
you know I have gained a little weight not a lot but a little I will send some pics. i think I am better looking now : )
As for the food the best thing up until now is pizza frita. I don´t think the really counts. Hmm… I don´t know it is weird the food here is really just a mix of a lot of different cultures. I love Churrasco, and also the salgados (fried snacks) Calda de cana is good (type of juice from sugar cane) i like a lot of things Pão de quejo (a type of cheese bread) really everything is good. I am fan of it all. I will have to look up some more names of things.
I am adjusting good to Rio Claro and I am liking it a lot. we are starting to do a great work here.
Aunt shanna told me about melindas accident. that really stinks. I will pray for her.
I am glad that everyone is close together and all. I hope you have a great time at shannas. i am sure your b´day will be great. Happy B~day!!!
well my mother my father my family i will go I have some prep to do and some letters to write and some people to call. I will go. Good luck with football and all I hope you have a great week. I love you all and don´t forget to read, pray and have family home evening. It´s important. Well i say goodbye i am doing great.

I’m now a Senior Companion and opening a new area… Rio Claro

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Aug. 18, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,
Well I am not jr. companion anymore. I am senior. I am opening an area and my companion is an American that has had 1 transfer. I am excited. Well like you said who am I to complain or think that the Lord asked to much of me. Really i am ready I just need to remember that and work a lot. I have to trust the Lord completely and trust in myslef. I wouldn´t have been called if I wasn´t ready.
Well i am in a place called Rio Claro. It is sweet city is is bigger that botucatu but really tranquil. The people appear to be more closed here but if I can find the humble people all will be good. I have to work hard here. don´t worry i will take pictues for you guys.
My comp. is Elder Hunt he is from Vancuver( i don´t even remember how to spell it) Washington. He looks like he is 17 and is really skinny with glasses. He doesn´t talk much, but thats ok. he arrived in the ctm a little bit after me (my second transfer). i am looking forward to working with him. It will be tough but I will make it.
So much is going on right now my mind is wandering and i am tired. But I am happy and excited.
I really loved my time in Botucatu. It was great I can´t even number the amount of lessons that i learned. I can´t even imagine the change that happened within me. It was hard to leave those families that I loved but I am happy for a bit of a change. I am happy and I know i will grow a lot this transfer.
Well I love you my family I hope that you are doing great. I hope that you have a great week. Pray for me and know that i am always praying for you guys. I love you all and i am happy. until a little later.

The changes I am seeing in myself are amazing!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
August 11, 2010
Hello my Family and Friends,
It is amazing how time flies.  I have 6 months in the mission now. 6 months already flew by. I cannot even believe it. the time is passing by so fast that i can´t even believe. I feel that if i am not doing something productive every minute i am commiting a horrible sin. i am so grateful for this time to serve and learn. I just got to give my all and the blessing will come.
Unfortunately this week was weak again. I don´t know why, I am trying to work my hardest but it is tough because really i don´t make all the decisions. I really don´t make many decisions as junior but i am working hard. Fear not! i am working até o pó (expression in portuguse means literally “until the dust”)
The changes that i am seeing in myself are amazing. I am learning that we have to put God in the first place in our lives. We have to give everything for him. I am learning that really nothing in this life matters in the long run. The only thing that really matters is what we become through our works here. I will use this life to perfect myself. I will give my all to help other people.
What else do i feel like sharing? not much else is going on. We have transfers this week and that should be interesting. I don´t know what will happen i want to stay here and i also want to go and experience another place. I don´t even know what would be the best. Oh well i will just follow orders. Who knows what will happen but i don´t care. I am just excited.
Well i hope that is all is going good there in oroville and selah and washington. I hope that you are having good times and are growing spiritually. I am doing great and improving myself everyday. You will have to tell me what is going on with eveyone in the next letter and also what people are saying about my blog.
What else… Everthing good with everyone there in Royal? I hópe so. I hope that you all are prospering and doing good. Always remember read, pray, go to church and have family home evening. All is good when this is happening. I love you all and send me your questions when you have some. I love to answer questions! I love you all and i pray for you guys. Keep on improving and never forget the little things.