July, 2010

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Our New Mission President is a great man.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
July 27, 2010
Well this week like always was great. unfortunately we didn´t have any baptisms but we will this week. We are working with a lot of people and lots of them are progressing good. I think we will baptize Octavio. Rosa´s husband. It would be cool to see them sealed in the temple in a couple of weeks. 
What else happened… Oh yeah we had interviews with our new mission president. He is great man. That interview was great I really felt the love that he has for me. He is a lot different than our other president. President tanner is from California and President Castro is from Curitiba Brazil. President Castro was like a general and President Tanner is a lot more loving. I don´t know who i like more.
It sounds like dad had a lot of fun there in space camp. I think those Gravity things would be really cool. It is nice that things are winding down again and school is going to start again. I can´t believe that i already have almost 6 months in the mission. Rapaz! Time flies by fast. Extremely fast. I don´t want to think about time now just our investigators.
I feel really happy that everything is going good there in oroville. I really feel that you guys are prospering that you guys are receiving a lot of blessing. More than i ever thought. It is a good feeling that you guys are doing great I don´t have to worry about you guys. I just have to work. I LOVE WORKING!
I also got a package from Aunt Shanna. I am loving it. I got skittles and lindt chocolate. my comp and I are extremely happy. I will write her today but if you could send here my love and gratitude it would be great. I don´t really miss any of those things but I sure do love them. It was awesome receiving that package.
 I hope you get the pictures that i sent of Octavio and Flavio. I am extremely happy with that family I am just happy to go and find another!
Well my family I just want to let you know that I am great. I don´t miss home or the things of the world. I am just working. Working because I love the Lord, My God. I will just keep on working he will give me the force necessary to continue working. I am seeing miracle happening and am learning more and more about Jesus Christ. Service really is the key to everything. I am loving Brazil and this work. I am happy and safe.
I love you all and i will write again soon. Tchau!

I am doing great, I am loving this work and, all is well..

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
July 21, 2010
Ola minha família!
     I am doing great! We had 2 more baptisms this week. Men, priesthood holders. Better yet Rosa´s sons. It was great! the change in that house is unbelievable. It went from a house full of sadness and sorrow to a home of light and hope. I can´t even believe it. I love this work. Unfortunately it isn´t totally happy all the time. Some times people reject you and stuff but really it isn´t too bad. I just have to remember that Christ who was completely perfect was rejected. How much more will I, being imperfect, be rejected. I love Brazil but the religious roots here make it difficult for some people to accept. Luckily things are going great we are finding people ready to be baptized. We are finding amazing people. It is great.
     It is weird the change that i have already seen in myself. I mean my personality isn´t amazingly different. the changes really are in my thoughts and desires. I Just want to serve God. A thing that is amazing I don´t even think about other things much anymore. It is weird. It shows to everyone that through reading praying and service everything can change. Things so small and basic it is crazy.
    Our new mission president is call President Marshall Tanner. He is good. Way different than President Castro.
    My comp is native. He is really a good teacher and a well educated guy. He speaks English and he is from a city 3 hour from the mission. I am getting along with him well and we are working pretty good. I hope i am not to weird to him. I mean i am a pretty mellow guy but i do have my own faults and stuff.
    Well it is great to hear that everything is going really good in Oroville. I mean it sounds like you guys are doing amazing. visiting family hanging and having fun. I am happy that you guys are so happy!
     Hmm… Taurie and Grandma and Bryce all sent me emails. It is nice to receive emails from other people. I will write taurie today and I already wrote Bryce. Can you send a message to my grandmothers that I am doing amazing I am working hard and I won´t stop. My comps are good and life is great. The weather here is starting to get hot again too I can´t wait for a Brazilian summer. But just let them know that I am doing great I am loving this work and all is well.
    Hmm what else… I can´t send pictures to you guys because this computer won´t recognize my card thing I will try to send them next week so that you can see my comp. and the people we are baptizing.
     I don´t even know what else to write about. I am kinda out of ideas. I hope this email isn´t too boring. I just want to let you guys know that I love you all and i hope that you have an amazing week filled with happiness and stuff. I just want you all to know that I love you guys a lot. I am doing great and I am working hard. I love hearing about what you guys are doing too. It is great to hear about normal things sometimes. I love you and if i forgot to mention something I will send you another email. I love you and I wont to let you guys know and remind you guys to keep on reading and praying so that you can feel the spirit more and resist the attacks of the devil. Have family home evening too. Só isso.

I am working because of love..

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
July 14, 2010
Well it was another good week. It wasn´t Amazing because we didn´t have any baptisms but it was good. We taught a lot of lessons and we found lots of new people. all in all it was a pretty good week.
    Yesterday we had our multi-zone meeting and it was great. Our new president is very fatherly and that is interesting. President Castro was more of a man who doesn´t show his love and his weaknesses to other people. This new President is great just new. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.
    What else has been going down… Not much really. I am changing more and more as time passes by. I hardly think about anything other than the work. Its weird i don´t even care about the things of the world much anymore. It is like i have just become numb to everything except working. I like it this way. I can honestly say that my desire is to work and help people to be baptized. I just have to find the right purpose within myself. I just have to make sure that i am doing this out of the love i have for my Savior and not for numbers. I have found that the purpose behind everything good that you do should be love. Love for Christ and your fellow man should drive you to do anything for other people. I am working because of love and it is growing each day. It really is a great feeling.
    Well the Portuguese is going great. I can understand what everyone is saying now. the only problem is my vocabulary need to improve a lot and also my sentence structure. Now i just to practice and learn some new words everyday. I will make a goal about that. But i feel really good about the language. I can´t wait till i lose my accent!
     Well things with Elder Pezzin are going good. I don´t really connect with him well because he is a bit weird and kinda creepy sometimes but i think he is a good missionary so all will be well as long as i do my part well.
      Oh the letter from Quick was just a letter that explained what is going on his life. it was nice. I will have to write him back sometime. maybe today.
      What else… Well sadly i don´t have much to say i don´t have problems or difficulties. I am really loving the mission. I have good friends and i am improving everyday. It started off a little rough but it has gotten a lot better. I feel great!
      I hope Colton and Preston are doing good. I haven´t heard from colton in while but i am sure that he is fine there in scout camp.
     What else do i have to say… I don´t even know i forget sometimes that i am in Brazil it doesn´t feel any different. When we go on the bus and pass by the beautiful country side i remember. It is weird how i have gotten used to this life. So strange.
     Well i love you all and i hope that you are doing great. I sure am. I really love this work. I love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week i hope dad has fun where it is a little hot and humid. Right now in botucatu it feels like Seattle. It is raining and cold. I kinda like it.
     Well my beloved family i will say goodbye for now because i don´t even know what to say. I love you. Tchau!

The Atonement Is Everything

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
July 7, 2010
I feel great mom. I just want to let you know that. Luckily I wasn´t transfered! Yeah!!! I get to stay in beautiful Botucatu and baptize the people i am teaching. Unfortunately my comp was transfered. I know i wasn´t to happy to be with him at the beginning but i really had a change of heart. I can´t even explain it really but slowly I am overcoming my natural self and becoming who i need to be. And my comp Elder Coelho helped me. I am grateful. We actually ended up being great friends. My new comp is… I don´t really know he is a little different than elder coelho he is more of a pretty boy type of guy. Elder Coelho was the opposite. I just hope i can learn to live with this type of person now and learn from him like i did from E.C. Elder Pezzin is just different i can already tell. This transfer was a little weird only my comp and 2 sisters were transfered. The rest stayed and so that is pretty cool.
     Well this week we didn´t have any baptisms unfortunately. Our pesquisadores aren´t going to church so it is a little difficult to baptize. but things are going good this week. I found a bunch of people to teach yesterday. I am excited for this week.
   That is cool that you are able to spend some time with the family in Spokane. I bet that little reunion was great. I hope that everyone is happy and prospering.
    Mr. Quick sent me a letter. I haven´t read it yet but i thought it was interesting that he sent me a letter i will have to read it and write back.
    Our new president arrived. We have a meeting with him this next week. I am excited. He seems like and amazing president. I hear that is more like a grandpa. More loving that presidente Castro Deus. i really liked him though. He was a little more tough but loving too. It will be interesting to see how these things turn out. I am excited. they are actually changing a lot of things in the mission. We will receive even more training now. They are perfecting the missionary program. They are becoming more efficient and skillful. It is cool to be part of this new group of missionaries.
     I am not really worried about numbers i just want to find those that are ready. It is amazing. I think that Rosa has been the best baptism up to this point. She went up and bore her testimony this Sunday and it was amazing. I think that everyone in the chapel was crying. It was amazing to see her progress. She is happy and her family is accepting the gospel too. This is amazing. and the best part is that it won´t stop with her. It will just keep getting better as 
I keep improving, Developing the attribute of Christ and working harder day by day.
     Well my time is up again. I swear i never have enough time. This p-day was a little interesting again. O well all is good. Don´t forget to read and pray always. I love you all and i will write dad and everyone else more next p-day. i think it will be a little more tranquil. It is crazy we had lunch in the house of a member that talked a lot we had hair cuts (my hair is extremely short again) and well I am writing this email a little late but all is good. One day everything will be nice and calm and I explain in a little more depth what is going on here in Botucatu.
    So keep on going strong mom. Life is always tough. There is always some challenge we just have to remember the atonement. The center point of everything. If we understand the atonement and accept it with all our heart everything will be good. I learned that too. The atonement is everything.
    Well I love you all and i am doing great. I want you to know that i do miss you guys but i am not homesick. 
I hope that this week is amazing for you guys and that you all are reading praying and a thing extremely important is Family home evening. With this the temptations of the world will be like nothing. Because you will be built upon that rock of God. I love you all and i hope this week is awesome. Até mais. Tchau!!!
Seu filho,
 Elder Iverson
P.S. tell everyone in the family to write. Só isso. Tchau!

Prayer and scriptures are the answer…

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
June 30, 2010
Well mom and whoever else reads this,
     This week was okay. It really wasn´t amazing. We didn´t have a baptism and are numbers weren´t great. I grew a lot personally though. I am learning a lot about the things that i have to do to purify my heart and deliver it completely to god. A thing that is really amazing is how much my testimony about the atonement. It really is the central point of everything that we do.
      Well I am glad that you loved the pictures it took me long enough to get them there. Unfortunately I don´t have ones to send today I am in another area doing this so I don´t have the tools and the time. But I will send some more pictures.
      Well this is the last week of this transfer. I don´t want to leave I really love Botucatu and the things that I am learning here. I hope that I can stay here but I also want to experience other places too. I guess we will just have to see. I think the coolest part about this area is the friendship that we have in our Zone. We have 4 people that arrived the same time as me. I also have a good friendship with Elder Lopez our Zone leader too. This area really is special.
      We will also get a new mission president this week. That is kinda a wierd thought. President Castro Deus was a great president. I will miss him because i learned a lot from his words of inspiration.
      What else… Well i don´t really have anythaing exciting to say this week. I grew a lot personally but nothing happened that i feel compelled to share. We have this one investigator now called Marcos. he is an elect. He is living with a member less active but they aren´t married but they are working on it. It is amazing the changes that the spirit can bring.
       Thanks for the pictures of the cars. They were pretty sweet. The money too. I will try not to use it unless I have and emergency. Or I am starving or something.  
     We had a churrrasco tody with our zone. It was amazing. Endless meat and everyother type of food. it was amazing. I took some pictures and i will try to send them next week.
     I don´t know what else to say this week. I think that everything else will go well and we will have a baptism this week. we are working really hard and also getting along great. Well i have to go. we have to catch a bus back to our area and finish up our P-day there. So mom i love you.
I have learned that the answer to many problems is prayer and reading the scriptures. It really is the answer to everything. Mom I love you and I pray for you guys too. I hope taht you are all prospering well there in oroville and i hope that this week is awesome. Tell everyone to write me and please send me the ADRESSES OF MY FRIENDS. Só isso. I love you all and I am doing good. so goodbye for now. Tchau! Tchau!

2 more baptisms this week!!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
     Well we had 2 more baptisms this week. The other baptisms were good but really these baptisms were amazing!. Rosa and Caroline. Rosa is 56 and Caroline is 10. Caroline is neice of Rosa. Rosa is an amazing spiritual woman. Truly one of the elect of God. She suffered a lot in her life because of her sons and husband but she justs keeps on going. The change in attitude after 3 weeks was amazing to see. The entire house is different. Her husband and kids are a little slower but in time they will give into the influence of the spirit. It is wierd Brasil is just full of people ready to hear the gospel. It is a very cool thing to see.
     Unfotunately i can´t send pictures this week. I am trying but its just not working out. sorry! but i have pictures. Not many of brasil but pictures of the people we have baptized and also of my companion. He is a giant. It is a little strange to be in his shadow.
    Really this week was good. The baptisms were really spiritual some our investigators are progressing. The language is becoming easier and easier everyday. The gift of tongues is really kickin in now! its is cool to think that i will be able to communicate fluently in another language in a short amount of time. I think that languages would be an interesting field to go into.
    Really just about everything is perfect. it is a little difficult at times with my companion. Him being 25 already gone through college. He has a lot of pride and he likes to correct me and point out the fact that i don´t know everything. Its wierd though because he is a good missionary. But we coulod be much better if we could get past this little obstacle. Tudo vai dar certo.
    Sorry about making you worry. really i haven´t been in any dangerous situations. Brasil is really normal. Its not that much different than the U.S. You don´t have to worry about my safety.
    Fanch is the A.D. huh who will wash the jerseys now? and help coach too. that is going to be a bit strange. Basketball without Fancher and Dad together.
    Thanks for updating the blog. I hope that people are visiting it. I will try to send you pictures the next chance that i get. i want you all to see the people that we are helping.
     A thing extremely interesting that is happening now is the World Cup. They had a game the other day and the entire city stopped. Every store was closed no one was in the street. IT was wierd. they really take there soccer seriously here. I think that i want to return in 2014 so that i can see the world cup here in brasil! i think that would be cool.
    Uhh… I really don´t have much to day right now. I am kinda tired and my brain isn´t working at a hundred percent so i think i probably forgot something important that happened this week that was interesting. Maybe not i don´t know. I am just happy to be here. truly a joy unlike any other. Mom and family i love you i miss you and wish you could be here with me. But thats not the way it works unfortunately. I just want to let you guys know i love you.
    Oh yeah can you send me the addresses of my friends again. Randy, Bryce, David, and all the others. If you could do that that would be great. I wrote like five letters but i haven´t sent them because i lost their addresses. Kinda funny.
    Well my Family i love you all and i hope this week is awesome for you guys. Keep on reading and praying. It truly is amazing how much of a difference 2 little things can make.
    Tchau! tchau!