June, 2010

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With God all things are possible.

Monday, June 14th, 2010
June 9, 2010
    Well this week we had 2 more baptisms. It was pretty amazing. Paulo and Diennifer. Paulo is 45 years old. But he wanted to be baptized so we taught him all the lessons and he passed the interview. so he was baptized. it was hilarious. The member that baptized him just chucked him in the water. His head almost hit the edge of the font. It was hilarious. How we found him was actually a miracle. We were teaching in this horrible house( the people were always drinking and smoking in front of us) it was actually the last time we were going to teach there. Paulo just entered the lesson and said “i want to go to church” he went to church and was baptised a week later. A miracle really i just hope he will stay active. The place where he lives is horrible. Diennifer(jennifer) is 10. She goes to church with her friends so we taught her and she was baptized. The rest of her family will be baptized in the weeks to come.
     Really i am seeing miracles happening every week. Already my portuguese improved more in these 2 or 3 weeks than in the month with elder bruno. The Lord is happy because we are working hard. Because of this we are recieveing great blessings. I really think that we will baptize every week during this transfer.
     time is flying by here too. I can´t believe that i have 4 or 5 months in the mission. really the time is just moving by. It moves by even quicker when you work harder. I think i will just work until i arrive at the airport in the U.S. when i get there i will rest. I think the time will move even quicker once i become fluent. It is still annoying to be trapped in a prison of words but i am getting there this week has been much better than the other weeks. My goal is to get to fluency. Once i get there i will feel great.
     I can´t belive Gareth is going to arrive in December thats a crazy thought. I hardly noticed he was gone.
     Colton in highschool, Eric graduating, Preston only has one more year left. things are changing. Its kinda sad that the old days are gone. But the years to come will be so much better than those that passed. I am sure of that. We are all moving on to better and greater things. Things can only improve. I think that is a lesson i have learned the people that aren´t progressing cannot recieve all the blessings of God. We always have to keep improving. This is the only way to be truly happy. I already learned many lessons here but the principal of pregession is a special one. Also one extremely difficult. It is easy to stay the same. It is hard to humble yourself and improve. But with God all things are possible.
      I am glad everything is good with the family. Grandma and Erin. Really i can feel a difference in the family here in brasil its a little strange but i know the Lord is blessing you guys. Its a great feeling.
      Well a little bit more info about my companion. He is taller and bigger than me. A lot taller. He is 6′ 7″ he baptized in the church a little while ago. He was baptized when he was 22 and he finished school and went on a mission. Right now he is 25 years old. He is a bit older than me. he studied to be a pharmacist. He is a pretty cool guy.
     Well the time has come i gotto to go. I love you all and i hope that this week is great for you. I will have a great week. I know that. Sorry i can´t send pictures this week please forgive me. I want to but i think i left my cord in the CTM so it is a bit difficult. I will try next week. I love you all and i hope you all are happy. I am. with that i must leave. Tchau! tchau my family. Continue on firmly!

My first baptism! The joy I felt was amazing!

Monday, June 14th, 2010
June 2, 2010
It is great to hear that everything is going amazing there in the U.S.!
    I am so glad that you sent my pin number. I have no money between the trips that we make to other cities and the food that we have had to buy ecause the members didn´t feed us some days. But all is good now. I think i only need to take out 20 dollars i hope that isn´t a prolblem.
    Well Joel was BAPTIZED!!! My first baptism! you will have to forgive me i didn´t bring my camera with me today so i can´t send the pictures but i will definetely do it next week. The feeling was amazin knowing that Joel was baptized completely ready to follow the path of Jesus Christ. The joy i felt was amazing. Truly the joy of God. Things are looking good here i think we will baptize every week this transfer. Joel was special though seeing the change in his life was really something else. He is entirely different. More happy and clean. It just feels good. I cannot wait for this feeling to come again.
    Elder Coelho is a great missionary. He has much more experience than i do and knows exactly what needs to be done and i am still learing.
    I am just really happy right now. life is good. Unfortunately i don´t have much to say today.
    Its good to hear that life is rolling on there. it is strange how quickly time flies. I think i already have 5 months in the mission ut really i don´t want to think about that. I just got ot focus on todays and tomorrows. Just that.
    Thanks for the picture its good to have an updated one. I will send one next week. For sure. I promise.
    Where did eric go on his senior trip?
    I miss the time to read scriptures. On thing i will do when i get back is read everyday. Actually i made a goal after one devotional we had. I will never pass a day again without reading the scriptures. They truly bring peace and happiness.
 Well mom i think i will go now. I love you and i want you and the family to know that. I hope that this week is awesome for you guys. I miss you all but i am doing great. I am improving everyday. Always remember to read pray and have family home evening.
i love you all and i will write again next week! Tchau.