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Missionaries have great power..

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Dear Family                                                                                                                               May 19, 2010
Oh i got a letter from you guys this week. Our zone leader went to campinas this week and i got a letter from you guys and from sister glanzer.
 I can´t remember everything that was in the letter now i will have to read it again when i get back to the house. Which reminds me I sent pictures or at least they should be sent. If not well thats no good. They are of my district in the CTM. Those Elders were amazing. Of a spider that was chillin in our house a couple weeks ago. Of our house and my companion. And I think that is it. I will take some better ones of him before this transfer.
     It is hard to believe that one transfer is already up. we still haven’t had a baptism. This is not very good. I would feel good if we were teaching lots of people and had people at sacrament meeting but we don’t.  I have learned a lot from my  zone leader. I am learning a lot about the language too and we are teaching some. Vai dar certo( it will work out). I will just have to work harder. I don´t want to be an ok missionary I want to be a great missionary. I think that elder Bruno dos Santos is homesick and this sucks the desire out of him, and makes it harder for him to work.
     That fact bothered me a little bit last week but i overcame it and now I am filled with a greater desire to learn and grow faster. So all in all I am doing just fine now.
     I want to talk a little bit about being a missionary. One thing that I have learned now is that missionaries have a lot of power. I can actually feel it. When i am teaching and sharing the first vision i feel the spirit so strong it is very cool very unique. I can do things that I couldn´t do before the mission becuase I am a representative of Jesus Christ.
     It really is one of the coolest things in the world. I feel the power of my calling and I just got to make sure I don´t misuse it or become unworthy of this great call. Pride can do that luckily I am humbled everyday by the language. So all in all everything evens out.
    The language is going good. I am improving in leaps and bounds it is truly an amazing thing to experience. They hardest thing is understanding people. They talk so fast and each have a different sotaque (accent) and this makes it very difficult to understand sometimes. especially old people. They are the worst. they don´t open their mouths and they slur all their words. It´s a little annoying. They never understand what I am saying either. They see that I am white and my accent is a little different and their ears shut. Luckily it is improving everyday. It will be great in a couple months.
     well mom I love you. Sister Glanzer sent me a letter.  Her letter was about how things were going with Andy and Dana. that was pretty cool I will have to send you guys a video one day of me speaking portuguese. Dana did that and she said it was pretty awesome.
     Well it is great to hear from you and that all is well with the DR kid. Thats cool that he is nice and funny. very cool indeed. Well my mom and my family I must go now. I am getting better everyday. I am doing great. I love you all and like always continue doing those things that bring happiness Scriptures, Family prayer, family home evening, etc… I got to write dad now. Tchau!
Your son
Elder Iverson

I have been blessed more than I thought was possible.

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Hello My Family!                                                                                        May 12, 2010
    Well since Sunday things have just been getting better. Already this week we have found 7 New people to teach! It feels good because honestly last week was no good in terms of a lot of things. Which honestly stunk. My comp is waking up and i feel that he has a new sense of purpose. My Zone leader Elder Lopez gave me some advice too. I am new in the mission but I can still make a change when I try my hardest to do what I am supposed to and just have a positive attitude about life. I feel a little refreshed.
    Well the baptism didn’t work out. Rather than go to church Porto and Joel went to a barbecue and drank. Really annoying. But we will keep on trying.
    Prayer and studying the scriptures is so important,  I cannot even say how much a little thing like that will change someone deep down in their soul. So just continue doing this and things will only get better. It is Awesome that you guys are being blessed because I am here. Honestly I have been blessed more than I can imagine. God just keeps on giving. His love is truly beyond comprehension.
     Sorry I still didn´t take any pictures of our apartment. The first thing that I will do when i get home will be to eat. After that i will take some photos. Maybe write a letter to my friends after that who knows. I have a lot of p-day and not a whole lot to do. I like being able to relax a bit. That sure doesn’t happen often.
     Aunt Erin has questions about food right. Well you can let her know that I really don´t know a whole lot about the cuisine here yet but I do know about Pizza Frita. In Botucatu we have a marvelous restaurant call Pizza Semiao. There they take pizzas fold them in half and fry them. It is amazing. I am pretty sure it takes days off you life but it is amazing delicious. It is bad for the body but good for the soul. I am sure one day I will have names of stuff that I can give her but right now I don’t know.  
    Well Mother i forgot to wish you a happy mothers day over the phone so a simple typed happy mothers day will have to suffice. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.
    Was that good enough? well mom i hope everything is going good there and that the whole thing with the DR student goes good. That should be a pretty awesome. If this gets there before Erics’ senior project wish him good luck! Hopefully he learned a good lesson about procrastinating. I sure did from mine. Before the mission I had nightmares about my senior project. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of fear that I didn’t get it done and it was due. Then I realized that I already graduated and I didn’t need to worry anymore. I don’t think I will procrastinate again.
     I love you mom and My family too. I am going to go now. I hate leaving but its necessary. Always got to go. So in closing I send my love and a challenge to keep up the scripture reading, always say a family prayer before bed, and do family home evening every Monday. I can honestly promise that things will only get better after that. The spirit of change and improvement will not live and everyone will be filled with a righteous desire to change and improve. I promise more blessing than you can imagine right now. And I promise them in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.
     Well I am going now I love you all and I pray for you every day. I think about you guys sometimes but I am not homesick. My eye is single to the work. I do wish you could be here though and experience this love and joy with me. Chá!
With love,
Your son Elder Iverson

The language is getting better…

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Hey Mom and Family,                                                                                                      April 28, 2010
    This week was great! Or at least it was better. I am getting this whole language thing down pretty fast. Or at least faster than most people that are new. I have truly been blessed. Blessed so much. I am just so excited to be here doing this work.
     Well we might have a baptism this week. If not this week the next. That is a pretty cool thing to think about. I cannot wait till i am fluent. I know that when i can truly understand the people and plan solely to help them i will be able to convert much more people. I have to be patient though this whole missionary work thing is pretty difficult. Especially with the language. Life is good though. I am improving, growing, and perfecting myself in every way. It truly is an amazing thing to go on a mission. You get to learn all sorts of lessons.
     What did we do this week… We taught some people, walked a ton. I tried this amazing pastry thing called a Sonho and let me just say that it is truly amazing. It is like a giant cream puff and it is cheap too. I really like the food here. Lots of beans and rice and meat. i miss regular food quite a bit but the pain is bearable. I especially miss candy. It is pretty expensive here. i am able to make it by on cookies though. They have amazing cookies that are amazing cheap also so life is good.
     Tell dad that we have tarantulas in our house they just walk around and chill out in our cleaning area it is kinda cool. i want to squish one but i restrain myself because pointless destruction of anything is useless.
     I actually didn´t teach an English class last week. That was kinda of a relief i actually went on splits with my Zone leader. That was cool i love my leaders they are pretty awesome here. They like me too and are always complimenting me on my language. Makes me feel good on the inside. This week i went on splits with my Zone Leader Elder Ashe, Elder Lopez his companion, and Elder Mangleson a missionary that is in our zone. They are all great missionaries and i learned something from each one. The friends you make on your mission are pretty cool. I can´t wait until i get to meet more missionaries and befriend them.
     I think i am going to buy a watch( i broke my last one). I don´t need to take out money though. I haven´t need to take out money thus far either. All is good here in Botucatu. or as we call it Siãocatu( Zion catu).
     Ok I got to go. So my dearly beloved members of my family i bid thee farewell for another week. I love you all so much and i wish you could be here experiencing this with me. It has to be this way though. Make sure you are reading the scriptures and doing family home evening always i cannot even say how much this will bless your lives.
Have Preston and Colton and Eric SEND ME EMAILS I want to hear from them very badly. I don´t care about what just something.
Tell my friends that i cannot send emails to them (Bryce, Randy, David) i can only write letters, i have a letter coming for them in a little while. I can receive emails from anybody I just can’t write emails back, just written letters, except for immediate family. If you you could do this that would be awesome. They emailed me and I feel bad not responding.
Ok thats all for now. I love you all and i am happy that life is good in Oroville, cats are happy, Preston is killing in track and that Kloey is a soccer star. Have fun with Aunt Erin, Shanna, and Taurie. Send my love.
Your Son, Elder Iverson

I gave my first Preisthood blessing in Portuguese.

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Its nice to hear that everything is going good up in little Ol’ oroville. Things sure are going good down here in Botucatu( i spelt it wrong last week my comps. name too His name is Elder Bruno dos Santos. hehe). Well this week was good we taught some people and did contacting. We could have done more but my comp doesn´t exactly plan well and sometimes i don´t think he understands what i say I am learning a lot about what i want to do when i am the Senior or some other leader. This work is great there is nothing better in the world than the joy that you get from teaching someone about the gospel. I invited four different People to be baptized this week and i actually think that they will as long as we keep in contact and read the book of mormon. It is really strange how strong of a bond can be formed when you share the gospel with someone. When the spirit is strong there suddenly you are a family. I already love those people i talked to and invited to be baptized. It really is great.
    . Oh! send me letters i want to receive letters when i go to the Multi Zone meeting. Tell everyone to write. On that note i wrote you a letter today i hope that i can send it today or tomorrow. I also wrote one to Aunt Erin and Grandma. Next week i will write to Aunt Shanna and Grandma Iverson. I have to pace myself because of all the things i have to do on P-day.
    Tonight we have this activity which i have no clue about. I have to teach an English Class to people who are interested. that should be good. Last weeks was pretty fun. Oh yeah i gave my first blessing of health Sunday in Portuguese. that was interesting. I honestly do not know if she was happy afterwards or disappointed with my Portuguese. as long as she has faith all will be good the words don´t matter much and i said what needed to be said. Que mais. One of the people that we are teaching called me an angel sent from the U.S. For him, that was pretty cool. It is exciting when people get excited about the gospel. I just hope that we can teach lots of lessons this week and get more dates set up.
     Oh tell Aunt Shanna that i got her package that she sent and that it is amazing. She sent cinnamon toast crunch and other goodies. That will come in handy on a rainy day.
     I sent the pictures through email last week but i think there was an error or something i will try again next week. This week i don´t have much time because its a holiday and well we had to walk for 30 minutes to get here.
    Botucatu is beautiful. and everything is good. I really have to go but you can expect a sweet letter in a couple weeks. Have fun with the DR kid and keep up with the scripture study. Make sure that you are doing family home evening too. The language is going good in no time i will be fluent. Right now its tough but i have faith. Ok i love you all i must go!