April, 2010

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The words of the Prophet lifted me up…

Monday, April 19th, 2010

April 7, 2010

I have not gotten any of the Missionties letters in the Last few weeks. But I do know that they are coming. It is nice that we can still get email, Since snail mail is so slow.
       Lets see what happened in this last little while… Last friday we went proselyting again. That was kinda wierd. We were dropped off in the middle of São Paulo on Good Friday in front of São Bento Cathedral and we were told to “ just go for it…” It was so strange doing that. There were just crowds of Catholic people going to and from the cathedral there were some people yelling at us because we were Mormon proselyting infront of their cathedral. It was just wierd. I am not sure how much I got accomplished that day. We did give away our Books of Mormon though. This one guy we gave it to Kissed the book as we walked away. It was a pretty interesting day in all. I got asked if I was German too. The guy who asked us that wouldn´t take a Book of mormon but we were able to leave him with a card and he asked for the website.
     The worst part of last week was that I was sick for a couple days. I wasn´t sick to the point that I couldn´t do anything but I had a sore throat and was all congested and stuff. It was horrible. As we went out to proselyte I wasn´t sure how I was going to do it but I felt better once I got going. No doubt the hand of the Lord was involved.
     My favorite part of the week was conference. I loved it! The words of the prophet lifted up my worried soul and instilled in me a newness of resolve and power. I can´t believe I never took advantage of that oppurtunity at home.  I honestly think that was the first time I watched every session and took note on what was said. It is amazing how the spirit tells you things when you are willing to make a little effort and give you undevided attention to what the Prophet and Apostles of the Church are saying. I learned a lot and it has made this week pretty amazing so far.
     I am so excited that I get to go out of the field in a week. I think I am a little more nervous though. I look back now and I am not exactly sure that I know enough of the language to be an effective teacher. But then again I have confidence that God will give me the words to say. I have felt his influence in my teaching here. I will utilize this last week here to its fullest so I am more prepared for the weeks to come. I will probably have a native speaking companion though so that should help to. I just got to make sure I know what he is saying so I can help him effectively.
     The hardest part of the Language is listening. The people on the street talk in a completely different way than what is taught in the MTC. They use shortcut in the language that we are not used to and they also speak a million miles per hour. I am not worried though it will be just fine.
      Its nice to hear that you are all doing good and having a good time. I hope that this week goes awesome for you all and I hope that Everything goes well with Preston and his School work, catching up from his big trip. I Love and miss you all so much! and the next time I write you next I will be in the field!
     Some things that I haven´t told you about is that I have been singing in choir every week and also every wednesday we have the strangest pizza. It has corn and coconut on it other types have banana and chocolate and cheese and none of them have red sauce. So strange. 
     I am going now if you want to know anything else just tell me and I will answer you next week. Have a good one and make sure everyone is reading their scriptures. Goodbye.
Elder Iverson

I am learning more everyday…

Monday, April 19th, 2010
March 31, 2010
Dear Family,
    I did get your Missionties letters and i loved them. It is so nice to be getting mail when everyone else doesn´t. Don´t worry though i don´t rub it in there faces. :) I haven´t got any this week or last week if you did send some, it is good that I cand get the email too though.  It is so nice to hear that Preston is alive and well and not diseased (ha) from his trip to the Dominican Republic. You will have to send me some pictures.
    You know I honestly don´t have much to talk about this week I just did the usual study and stuff. I did do a TRC with a real Brazilian and that was pretty cool. other than that though not much happened. Oh wait we did get our schedule changed around and we have P-day on wednesday now. other than that I just studied and taught every day. My departure date is on the 13 of april. So not this week but the next unfortunately. Oh well I will survive.
    It is awesome to hear about how much the church has grown in Oroville. We are learning how hard it is to be a convert. Just being thrust into a completely strange environment would be tough on a person.
    You know i just love hearing about all that average stuff going on back home beacuase I miss it. not to the point that i couldn´t go on, but regardless it still is tough without you guys. Thanks for the advice from your patriarchal blessing. i read mine all the time for a little pick me up. I know i won´t fail. I also know it will be tough. I just got to work hard and not be discouraged.
    Well i have to get going. I am going to but some chips. They have these chips here that cost one real and they are so good to snack on. I am going to go get them right now. I love you mom and i am so excited for General conference this week it will be exactly what i need. A break from the usual. I love you Mom and Dad and Kloey and Preston and Colton. I think about you always. I will talk to you guys next week and then i will be in the field the week after. Tell preston and colton to shoot me an email so i can write directly to them that would be awesome.  I love you all and I will talk to you all next week. 
Ok that is all I have for right now. Bye.
Elder Iverson